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Three, Six, Nine (and Six Months)

For nearly a month now, I’ve had “Take Archer’s 6 Month pics on my to-do list.” And I’m satisfied to say that about five minutes before he turned seven months old, I got them done! If that doesn’t deserve a self-high five, what does? I also realized my family is at this neat moment where… Continue reading Three, Six, Nine (and Six Months)

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April & May 2020

Alternate titles for this post included “Love in a Time of Corona” as well as “Straight Outta Quarantine,” but I just decided to go with what I’ve been consistently titling these monthly/bi-monthly life updates complete with iPhone photos. I haven’t really written much about my thoughts/feelings/experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, because it seemed like EVERYONE… Continue reading April & May 2020