Post-Holiday Thanks

It has become clear to me that the next few months of my life are the last few months that I really get to claim as my own for awhile. Thus, it seems like a good opportunity to:

a) document life as I used to know it.
b) revel in all the excitement that’s building by the day
c) make sure I still know how to spell and express myself without the excessive use of exclamation points and smiley faces.

There’s much to be thankful for and to look forward to in life right now. Firstly, my current job is busy (to say the least). Working retail hours and weekends isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure makes it easier when you have fun people to work with and a fabulous boss who makes me bomb earrings every now and again. In addition to the enjoyable environment, I get to use my creative brain just about everyday which makes me smile.

Secondly, I just accepted  an editorial internship on top of my full-time job. Once it starts, I certainly won’t have much time to myself but I couldn’t be more thrilled that this opportunity presented itself to me. This will be the third internship I’ve had. I feel a little old to be an intern at 24, but more than anything, I just feel lucky.

Thirdly, Joe and I are expecting a baby this May, just in time for our first anniversary. We’re about at the halfway mark now. I am thoroughly enjoying not throwing up anymore and embracing my increased appetite. I may not be able to outplay, outwit, or outlast, but I can certainly outeat just about anyone right now. The ultrasound revealed no gender (at our request), but achingly adorable images of fingers, toes and a rather dashing profile. It’s fun speculating who this first child is going to be, what his or her name will be. I very much can’t believe it’s still happening.

Fourthly (is it now bragging that I’ve moved on to a fourth thing? Yes, probably), we have a mini vacation planned in February to Las Vegas with the sibs in law. How grown up of us is that? Yes, rather grown up, I know. I am giddy at just the thought of getting away in the middle of winter.

December literally flashed by in  an instant. It was filled with snowstorms, baking, hot food, frantic shoppers, tree aquiring, tree trimming, card sending and receiving, and excessive amounts of peppermint mochas. Just the way I like it. Now that most of the craziness is over, it’s nice to be able to look back and reflect on all that has been lovely, not just this month, but the entire year.