Babies are a great way to start people


Chances are, that if you know me, you’ve met or heard me mention my best friend Sarah. We’ve officially been “besties” for almost ten years now. We attended the same high school and college. We’ve also worked at 3 different jobs together, lived in two states together and have been roommates twice. Between acquiring our driver’s licenses together, attending proms, graduating, road tripping, turning 21, getting our first jobs, boyfriends, etc, we’ve been there for a considerable amount of life’s main events. Not even a year ago, she was my maid of honor at my wedding. And I couldn’t be more honored that I got to be part of her becoming a mama.

After a long and exhausting labor process (like three days long),  Mr. William Austin Nickless Moe made his dramatic entrance into the world on January 6. I feel such elation about him being here that I truly can’t imagine what Sarah must feel like.  Becoming pregnant four months after she did (no pregnancy pact, I swear. Just unbelievable coincidence) has been an educational experience to say the least. It’s been so beneficial to have a preview of what pregnancy was going to be like. And now that Will is here, it’s a great window to look through and see what motherhood might be like.

I used to think that having a baby meant that your own personal life basically ends. Which is true. I also figured it meant having to live one day at a time, as each 24 hour cycle is a learning process. I am now seeing that between the sleep deprivation and figuring out feedings and general infant care is something you must literally get through one hour at a time. But I’ve also never seen Sarah happier or so fulfilled, which absolutely lightens my heart. It’s amazing how someone so tiny and new has the ability to instill such joy and unite everyone around him.

Although the weather is awful, the sun is never out, and the apartment never gets quite as clean as I’d like it, I keep reminding myself to embrace these days and these memories. I’m savoring these next four months of it being “just the two of us”, doing errands or relaxing at my leisure, and taking all the time I want to prepare dinner. I’m also still enjoying all of the flutters and kicks (and punches) happening in my growing stomach. Even though balancing the internship and my current job is bound to be tiring, I know I’m lucky to be doing two things that I really enjoy. That being said, I can’t remember having so much to be glad for in January ever.