One month of motherhood…

I’ve decided to refurbish this nearly purposeless blog into a way to keep my faraway family (and friends) updated on the goings on in Minnesota. It’s something I could have done at any point in the past seven years (the time I have lived away from the motherland). However, it seems a little more important now that we have a baby who is growing rapidly and beautifully. Now the challenge (as it is with all started blogs) is actually keeping it updated.
Since February, the last time I opened this… many things have happened. We had three lovely baby showers thrown for us. As a result, we went from having zero baby things to having a bazillion baby things. I wrapped up my internship and continued working full time up until the day I went into labor.
So, on April 30th, Cecelia was born. I’ve never been particularly wonderful with kids. They’re small and hard to make conversation with. I had never changed a diaper up until a month ago. Now, I can’t even imagine life without her and I find myself changing diapers literally in my sleep. It’s almost like she’s always been here. We’ve also been so lucky to have an amazing amount of support between all of the visitors at home and in the hospital.  Joe was able to take off one week of work after she was born. Then, when he went back to work my mom stayed with us for two weeks. We even managed a trip to Chicago to let Cece meet my family there.
It is just as difficult and just as wonderful as everyone tells you it’s going to be. We are so lucky in the sense that she is a fantastic baby.  Seriously. She’s the kind of baby that you can take on errands and go to eat with. (Seriously, I have witnesses) She’s also the kind of baby that throws up on everything while pooping simultaneously, so there’s a lot of laundry to do. I’ve had to redefine what a productive day is. Sometimes it’s hard accepting that I can only accomplish a fraction of what I used to in a day. Sometimes being productive just means being able to take a shower and put away the dishwasher. But, I’m fine with no makeup and wet hair if it means we can just rock and snuggle. Really, how can you have a bad day when you have this little awesome person to fall asleep on your shoulder?
In non-baby news, we have re-begun home searching. More specifically, duplex searching. The goal is to live in one side and rent out the other. So for the past month, we have also been doing a lot of house hunting. Joe has been more logistical in the search (can we afford it, will it be profitable, etc.), where as I have more fun envisioning what colors I would paint accent walls and what the best location for a distressed end table would be. Wish us luck, it’s a jungle out there.
So, here’s to sincerely trying to share what’s going on in our lives.