We feel pretty…

It’s one of those days where not much is happening besides soothing the fussing and surviving the muggy-ness in an AC free apartment. BUT, it’s a milestone day… we’ve put on our first dress! (As modeled in the swing below… that’s where we photograph all of our outfits)

At 5 weeks old tomorrow, I feel like she is getting so big so fast! I get all emotional even about the smallest growth milestones (what do you MEAN she doesn’t fit into newborn diapers anymore? Next thing you know, she’ll be driving!) But, the last time she was wearing pink and polka dots, she was much tinier.

As for me, I just got my hair cut and eyebrows done, which makes me feel like a million bucks!


Ok, that’s enough “look at us!” for now. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!