My home sweet home…

Over the weekend, Cece and I embarked on her second trip to Chicago in honor of Auntie Robobo’s second anniversary of her 21st birthday. And Sarah’s permanent move back to Chicago. And Auntie Gina’s acquisition of her new puppy, Archie. Basically, we believe no event is too small for celebrating. And celebrating means cake. And where we come from, it also means Grandma’s sloppy Joe.
The higlights…
The classic sibling photo


Making sure that Joe was there in spirit.
Four generations… taken by cousin Lauren Leone
Another gorgeous photo from Lauren
Socializing the babies
Hanging with Auntie Rose and Auntie Robobo


Will channeling Bret Michaels


The weekend’s confections, courtesy of Robbyn’s boss cake connections
Leaving was so hard, as it always is. It’s even harder now since Cece has won over so many people. I try to focus on how great it was to see everyone and the next visit. And that it’s not goodbye… it’s just a “Can’t wait to see you next time.”