More Lombo, please!

So, Joe’s lovely sister Andrea and her husband Luke are moving to Madison, WI come the end of this month so she can further her medical career. Which is awesome for them. But, needless to say, we are a bit bummed that they are going to be so far away. Especially since they make fantastic salsa and baked goods. Aware of our sadness, the invited us and a bunch of their couple friends to Fogo de Chao for a delicious goodbye dinner. (meaning that we dealt with our sadness of them moving away by stuffing our faces with an absurd amount of Brazillian meat).

Oh, and confession… we kiiiind of have a crush on all of Luke and Andrea’s friends. They seriously crack me up.

Also, it was nice to get dressed up and get out just the two of us. We let the dogs watch the baby and they did a wonderful job.

Kidding, kidding.

Delicious papaya dessert
 Joe is so sultry


Ah! I’m going to miss her!