A Weekend Well-Spent




It’s not often that the three of us get to spend an entire day in each other’s company. But this weekend we got that chance! We started out with some delicious breakfast (We mixed fajita leftovers into our eggs. Awesome. And blueberry Eggos. Also awesome.) This was followed by some vegetation/People magazine reading. Joe then had me accompany him to the gym and I left with a membership. I’m hoping I can channel enough motivation to attend some of these free classes. (Yoga! Zumba! Spinning! I’m sure it’ll be very apparent how out of shape I am, but I still can’t wait!) We then picked out our Christmas tree and came home to dress her up.  It was so nice to have a real tree in our first house for Cece’s first Christmas.The evening ended with some Chinese food and School of Rock. I’d like some more days like this. Please?