First Week of December





Within the past week…

November turned to December.
I went on a lady date to see Breaking Dawn. (No vampire pregnancies for me, thanks.)
I utilized my gym membership and did a kickboxing class and two Zumba classes.
Cece went to her six-month doctor visit, even though she is now seven months old. She’s still on the short/small side, but doing great. (Well, she could sleep a little more, and I wouldn’t complain.)
I learned to make lemon meringue pie via Azure. Baking is difficult and scientific and I must learn more!
And lastly, Dad flew in for the weekend. Although it was for property managing purposes, we still got to spend some quality time together. Is there anything sweeter than seeing grandpa and granddaughter together? Or anything more lovely than snow you don’t have to drive in? I don’t think so.