Holidays 2011 Part I: Surprise Roadtrip to Chicago

I am TERRIBLE at surprises. However, the week before Christmas, I managed to take a semi-secret roadtrip with Cece to Chicago (with a layover in Madison) without telling my parents until I arrived.  All of our events were low-key and involved a good amount of lady and baby time, but I have been bursting with so much Christmas cheer this season that I felt the week was perfect.
 It was great to see my parents and so fun to actually surprise them. Robbyn and I got to go skating together for the first time in about two years (accompanied by her boyfriend Jay, and our almost-sister, Rose). I ate a lot of Palermo’s pizza and drank far too much Dunkin coffee. We mainly spent time at my parents’ house, at Robbyn’s new girly apartment, and Sarah’s house with Will’s many toys. It was fantastic to catch up once the babies had gone to sleep and we could watch girly movies and have Sangria (Ok, fine. It was Arbor Mist, but SO tasty).
 To top off our visit, Cece crawled for the very first time on our last day in Chicago. She crawled right for my Coach purse.  I say it every day, but I really can’t believe how big she is getting! Our drive home was VERY scary and of everything to be thankful for this season, I’m just so very very grateful that Cece, Dave (our SUV) and I are all ok!