I love making lists, plans, goals, resolutions, flow charts, etc. And if I make a lot of them, I am bound to follow through with at least some of them, right? Especially if I make sure said resolutions are fun.  And now that all of our holiday decor is back in its storage tote and our house has more space and less sparkle, I think I need a project. So here’s what I’m thinking for the new year, resolution wise.

#1: Switch up my footwear. Where I definitely fall flat in fashion is SHOES. And ironically, I am always in flats. I also spent nine months in Sketchers shape-ups when I was pregnant. I need to branch out. I have nice feet and they should be fancier. So, here’s to me wearing a heel every now and again. Maybe. (Photo from Anthropologie)

#2: Keep on Zumba-ing. I don’t think this will be too hard. It’s no secret that I kind of like to shake it.
#3: Be braver about taking photos. I do take my camera with me usually everywhere. But I often forget to take it out until I am on my way home from whatever event I was attending. And sometimes I get shy about asking people to pose or to take photos with me in them. But since I had so much fun with my different photo gifts this holiday, I’d like to have more material to continue projects like that.

(Insert awesome photo here.)

#4: Continue developing my domestic goddess skills. This includes, but is not limited to, cooking, baking, gardening, crafting and overall making our home a place that we love to live in. Pictured below are the pies Azure and I made this December. I feel like pies are the essence of domesticity.

#5: Read lots and lots to Cece. It’s been so fun going through my old childhood books and I love to share them with her. Even if she still a little wild with the pages. Pictured is Cece and myself on People magazine day. I get to read this week’s issue and she gets to shred last week’s. It’s a pretty efficient system we have.

Ok! That’s it. Ready, set, resolve.