We were BUSY this past week. My mom visited for half of last week and as she left, Sarah and Will came to stay with us for the second half. Even in January and Minnesota, we had a great time. We took the kiddos to Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America and even ate at Famous Dave’s with them. We, of course, made multiple Target runs. Cece and I accompanied Will to his one-year check up. We played and played and PLAYED. And after all the playing and the babies went to sleep, Sarah and I were able to have some wine and then stay up stupidly late.

 The visit ended by having brunch with some of Sarah’s old pals which was tasty and fun. (Maybe mimosas had something to do with that?) The only bad part about having visitors is that you get extraordinarily bummed when they leave. Luckily, Joe took me on an impromptu Red Lobster date the night they left. It was nice to reconnect after my week of visitors and it took my mind off them leaving. But now,  I miss Cece terrorizing Will while he eats his breakfast. And I miss my woman friend dearly. I speak for both myself and Cece when I say “Come baaaaack!”