Cousins… and COOKIES!

I may change the name of this blog to “Cece and her fabulous play dates” since that’s pretty much what has been winding up here lately. We’ve had a social week since our visitors left. On Monday we visited her daycare. They hadn’t seen her in more than three months so she had a lot of showing off to do and also had a blast playing. On Tuesday we had a girly day with Azure and a visit to Applebee’s (Mmmm, buffalo wings). And yesterday we drove to St. Cloud so we could spend quality cousin time with Angela and her girls. Oh, we had fun and, boy, do they have a lot of neat stuff! And I got to witness how it’s done with two little ones. How Angela does it without coffee boggles my mind. We also made cookies. (Ok, Angela made cookies and I watched and took pictures.) I brought a bunch home and debated keeping them all for myself. Cece zonked out on the car ride back and I would have  fallen asleep too, except that I had to, ya know, drive. Thanks for such a fun day!