A wintry evening at the dog park

Firstly, and fore mostly, I am bummed I missed little Willy’s first birthday party! I heard it was a circus- literally. I hope it was great! Even though the traveling didn’t work out, we made the best of our Saturday, even with us working split shifts. After Joe and I were back at home together, we debated what to do on a January evening in Minnesota. Why, bundle everyone up and take the pooches to the park, clearly. We’re morons. It was freezing. I almost forgot what real Minnesota winter is like. We actually ran to the car backwards so that the wind wouldn’t be in our faces. But at least the dogs had fun. We attempted to go to the 5-8 Club afterwards so I could get that Juicy Lucy I had been craving. But alas, they were packed. No worries, Burger King sufficed and we definitely stayed in for the rest of the evening.