Spicing things up… in the kitchen

There’s no getting around it. Joe and I have been in a meal rut. One more dinner consisting of pasta and/or chicken and cheese was not going to do it. So last week, I made a conscious effort to depart from my comfort foods (aka, foods I am comfortable making) and switch up the dinner menu. Here’s what happened!

Monday: Venison chops with potatoes cooked in butter and rosemary. And steamed garlicky broccoli.
Tuesday: Chicken fajitas. Not earth shattering, but a nice departure from our usual ground beef tacos.
Wednesday: Jimmy John’s ; )
Thursday: Wild rice soup, garlic toast, and a side salad.
Friday: Polish Kielbasa, cheesy spuds, and baked beans. Although it doesn’t appear appetizing, it was rather tasty, if a bit heavy.
Saturday: Leftovers.
Sunday: Tomato Parmesan soup with souped-up grilled cheese (made with mozzarella, pesto, tomatoes, and chicken)
There you have it! Not one frozen pizza. Amazing, right?