The Wild Rumpus

The weather has been too pleasant for January to stay inside. So I decided to get us out of the house for something fun on Tuesday. C and I took a field trip to visit The Wild Rumpus, a children’s bookstore in Linden Hills (the cutest, most idyllic Minneapolis neighborhood, in my opinion). And you see correctly: there are cats, chickens, birds and a pretty cool lizard just hanging out in the store. The layout of the store is based on the book, The Salamander Room. As you walk further into the store, it feels as though the indoors is becoming the outdoors.
 And don’t worry. Cece didn’t touch any chickens and we also purchased the book she was gnawing on. Oh, and I had to include a shot of The Velveteen Rabbit because it reminds me of that Friends episode where Joey buys the book for his girlfriend because “I know you like rabbits, and I know you like cheese.”