Will and Cecelia do breakfast

“What’s good here? Mammoth muffins, you say?”
“Maybe some coffee for me, that mommy kept me awake ALL night!”

 “Pancakes with whipped cream and SPRINKLES? Jackpot!”

“Let me see! I don’t believe it!”
Earlier this week, Cece and I had a fun opportunity to visit Sarah and Will. They were in Wisconsin visiting Will’s grandparents, and we were invited to come down to spend the day (and the night!). Like always, lots of baby play time and lots of coffee and catching up for the mamas. We also had a fun Perkin’s date in the morning with the kids, and much to their dismay, they did not get coffee or pancakes with sprinkles. Sometimes it’s hard to have a “glass half-full” attitude about living two states away from your best friend, but the great part is that the time we do get to spend together always feels pretty special. Can’t wait to see you both again!