Love from home

This weekend, my Dad came to visit. Again, it was for property management reasons, but Cece and I were still delighted to see him. For as nervous as she gets around strangers, my dad was cracking her up whenever he was with us. I got out of the house to work a couple of pizza demo shifts and Joe also spent some quality time with C Monster. All that dad and grandpa time sure wore her out.

Although my mom wasn’t able to travel up, she sent C and I some downright lovely Valentine’s Day gifts. They included a soft doll for Cece, Frangos for me, a new read, new workout clothes for Zumba, and more! I feel like every time I open something from my mom, I think “AH!!! She GETS me!” I love it. I really hope that C feels the same way about me some day.

Thank you, Mom and Dad!