March “Snow Storm”

Last week the Twin Cities were supposed to get some “epic” snow. So, early in the week, I had myself a nice breakfast, stocked up on groceries, had my little helper assist me in putting them away, and made one visit to the gym before going into pretty much complete hibernation mode for a couple of days (meaning cuddling, cleaning, enjoying slow-cooker meals, and watching movies).

Then we got some snow. Nothing epic. But enough to make the roads slushy and messy.
Which is why I appreciate my current commute since I am a huge ninny about driving in the snow.

Being a true-blooded Minnesotan, Joe decided we should grill burgers outside. We attempted to re-create Juicy Lucy burgers, but with the addition of extra cheese and sauteed mushrooms. They were intense. And they made me extremely lethargic for at least a good 48 hours. But they were delicious.

 Lastly, we bundled up C and took her sledding for the first time. We’re amateurs. If you want to take a baby sledding, don’t expect them to be able to sit up in the sled, especially if there’s nothing to hold on to. Instead, being on her tummy seemed to work well. She just had a very concerned look on her face the whole time as to say “WHAT are these fools doing?”

As much as I love hunkering down and a good romp in the snow I want spring to know that you are welcome to arrive now. Anytime.