Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I don’t fancy myself a seasoned cook by any means, BUT I’m really proud of this dish!
So, it seems that every time I make lasagna I have a bunch of leftover ricotta cheese that almost always ends up getting thrown away. And throwing away cheese kind of breaks my heart. It goes against everything I stand for.
I found this easy recipe to utilize the leftover ricotta from my last lasagna-making and I already had most of the other ingredients.
Here’s how super easy it was:
Make spinach/ricotta/mozzarella filling. Butterfly and stuff chicken. Pour sauce over everything. Sprinkle with mozzarella and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes. While it bakes, prepare sides. This time we did fresh green beens cooked in browned butter and homemade garlic bread. (Refer to link for exact measurements, additional ingredients, and seasonings)

Husband was so impressed and loved it which made me feel awesome. And Cece even liked the filling. We’ll definitely do this one again!