A weekend in March

Although St. Patrick’s Day was Saturday, there was no green beer, green wine, or really much green clothing. I have no sassy photos of us in bars wearing shamrock headbands. This is because we aren’t quite that cool (nor were we ever, to be totally honest). Instead, Joe and I worked split shifts on Saturday and Sunday. But, when we were finally home together at the end each day, it was pretty wonderful. On Saturday night we went to the playground to show Joe just how cool it is. When we got home, Joe made us breakfast dinner (French toast!) and we watched a movie with the kitchen and living room windows open. On Sunday evening, we grilled bratwursts and had pasta salad for dinner. We don’t have patio furniture yet, so we had backyard “picnic” by spreading out a blanket and eating where our future outdoor table and chairs will be. Again, just beautiful weather.  (C and I were wearing SHORTS for goodness sakes.) And the company wasn’t too shabby either : )