Great Weekend!

First off, I finished The Hunger Games and I’m ready to read the second book (and see the movie!). What a great read. Although the story did make me realize that I have no viable survival skills and I probably eat too much.

Secondly, we got to spend more time in St. Cloud on Saturday. Joe and his Dad golfed. Cece, Michele, Rachel, and I shopped. And we regathered for more dinner on the grill. I do love me some good weather, good food, and good people.

Lastly, I had resolved earlier this year to keep on doing Zumba as much as possible. Since I’ve been enjoying it so very much and have been feeling great, I figured, why not teach? So, this weekend I went through instructor training and I am licensed! Even better, my favorite instructor was also at the training. I have a big to-do list in front of me now (as in choreograph an hour long class, acquire attire, search for a job, etc). BUT, I am hoping to at least start subbing this summer, and if the stars align, maybe I’ll have my very own class too. It’s really the most fun work out I’ve ever done. Not many work-outs can motivate me to leave the house at 8 a.m. with Cece , but Zumba absolutely does. I will defnitely post when and where I am teaching once it happens.

That’s all folks. Have a great week, and send good vibes to the Golden Gophers as they head to Tampa for the Frozen Four!