Our entire family was so tuckered out after Easter/ birthday weekend in St. Cloud. The dogs look like they have aged several years and have only gotten out of their beds to go outside, and they’re even reluctant to do that. And last night we all slept very soundly, as we were stuffed to the brim with birthday cake, peeps, ham, cheesy potatoes, etc. Which was kind of awesome.
Friday was my main man’s birthday. It was a low-key day, as he had to work and wasn’t feeling the best afterwards. Still, I got the recipe for Heavenly Hash from his sisters and baked that along with a cute little cake. I think Joe is aging nicely… like a fine wine or a good cheese. Even though we didn’t do anything fancy, it was still nice to celebrate by having some good eats and taking the kiddo and the dogs for a nice long walk.
We ventured up to St. Cloud on Saturday morning and attended Reimer Easter at Joe’s grandparents. It was cool to have Cece meet some new family members and she very much enjoyed the little cousins. On Saturday night, Joe and I snuck in a date to go see The Hunger Games while his parents so very kindly babysat for us. I loved having just a little grown-up time, even if it was to see a PG-13 movie.
And Sunday was Easter (and Rachel’s 18th birthday! Note the awesome angel food cake… and her blowing out lit matches since we didn’t have candles : ). This was spent at the in-laws. Lots of eating, playing, and egg hunting. The men paintballed. The ladies had lady and baby time. All in all, a great day.
Lastly, I just want to wish, once more, all of the April peeps (Joe, Rachel, Danielle, Eric, and Kim) a very very happy birthday!