A few things that make me smile

These are the things that are making me happy lately…( in addition to instagramming every photo on my iPhone. Tehehe : )

Good eats
Our homemade guacamole and a grilled chicken salad with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes was a tasty way to spend the evening.
Getting pampered
 Joe kicked me out of the house earlier this week and insisted I get a pedicure and take some time for myself. I also painted my nails and got SUPER excited when a package arrived in the mail from my mom that was a sweet new shirt. I’m feeling like a million bucks lately.
My little girl
She is going to turn one way too soon. I’m just trying to soak up her last couple weeks being an eleven-month-old. Her new favorite seems to be Maya lately. Cece pets her and walks her around the living room on a leash. It’s fantastic. And good old Maya tolerates it.
Little bits and pieces of beauty
I’ve been loving everything blooming around here lately. I can’t wait until we do a little more landscaping and flower planting. Oh, spring. You make me all swirly and happy.