The BIG first birthday party!

Cinco de Mayo was also the grand finale of birthday week. I almost feel like I have reached some sort of personal life milestone by planning and preparing for this party and actually pulling it off! (Of course, with much help from my family, Joe, and Sarah!) My parent’s house hosted about 25 people on Saturday afternoon. Friends, family and lots of dogs gathered. Some hadn’t seen Cece since she was tiny. And for some, this was actually their first time meeting her.
Robbyn dreamed up and created the birthday cake for us which was beautiful as well as delicious. C took a mid-party nap, but she did a great job of hanging in there for the whole celebration. I was so proud of how well she did amongst a rather large crowd. And I’m just glad she had fun! All in all it was a memorable day and I just relished in being able to reunite with friends and family who I do not get to see very often.
And side note, I think Will in his sport coat wins the award for best-dressed. I will probably frame that photo of him holding the Blackberry and hang it in my home because it is awesome. Thanks again to everyone for the amazingly generous gifts and especially for coming to the party! Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!