Getting treated real nice!

Mother’s Day was like second Valentine’s Day, which I was totally on board with. I woke up to flowers, cards, chocolates, and most importantly, coffee. After Joe finished work, we ran out to the Home Depot where I got my choice of flowers for the yard. By the way, the Home Depot on Mother’s Day is a zoo, because everybody and their mother wants a hanging basket. Literally. Instead, Joe got me a peony bush which I am  thrilled about. He planted it in our front yard and I am giddy for it to bloom. Then, per my request, we took a walk around Lake Harriet. Apparently, lots of other mothers had the same idea because it was packed with families and dogs. We ate a tasty dinner of burgers and fries at Bread & Pickle. Cece fed fries to Maya and Joe which everyone enjoyed. The weather could not have been more perfect for a stroll around one of my favorite lakes with my favorite people. All in all, a pretty special day, especially since I got spoiled. Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!