A French-themed lady date

So, if you are one of my lady friends, you can expect that I will take photos during any kind of food-related outing. Can’t help it. I love making, photographing, and eating food, even if it’s all on a very amateur level. Thus, I would like to say thanks to all of my lady friends (and Joe) who humor me and my frantic “WAIT, DON’T EAT THAT! I need to take a picture first!” So, thanks ladies. That being said, Azure and I had a lovely past-due, French-themed lady date at Patrick’s Bakery and Cafe. Why have I never been there before? I think it may have the largest pastry case I have ever seen. And we were able to dine al fresco on this lovely day. A chocolate croissant and a coffee with one of my favorite ladies? You betcha.