Date nights and dinners out

Our weekend was quite fun. On Saturday I worked a little demo and Joe and Cece got some time together. When I came home, Joe had her all dressed up and the three of us went on a date to Don Pablo’s. (I missed Robbyn… I know how she feels about Mexican food.) Then on Sunday we had a nice big breakfast, did a little housework and yard work, and ended the day with a date night to see The Avengers. Best movie I have seen in the theater in awhile! Hope your weekend was great too!

P.S. That toy car that you can pop balls in the hood? Cece likes to store her treasures there. I’ve found socks, a hairbow, a pacifier, and a spoon so far. And then we have to disassemble the car to get the foreign objects out. It’s way too funny to be even remotely annoyed by it.