Memorial Day Weekend

Cabin season officially began for us on Memorial Day weekend. We got to spend two entire days up north relaxing and immersing ourselves in gigantic family goodness. As always, there was no shortage of food or good company, which is how I prefer my food and my company.
The last time we were at the cabin, Cece was a teeny four-month-old. Oh, how things have changed since then. I can’t tell you how eager I was to stick her tootsies in the lake for the first time! And I couldn’t wait to let her dig in the sand.
Even when the weather wasn’t amazing, there were still little cousins to play with, in-laws to catch up with, and snacks to be eaten. After Cece went to sleep at night, we were able to enjoy the campfire, board games, a bean bag toss championship, and even a fantastic show of lightening on the lake one night.


Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!
p.s. Thanks again to Kim who took nearly all of those great beach photos while I tried to prevent Cece from diving in the water and eating too much sand.