Happy 2nd Anniversary to US!

Joe and I have been married for two years today. Here are a few of my favorite moments together.
The year I didn’t have a camera. And the year I really liked tanning beds.
Joe takes me skiing for the first time to see if I’m sturdy enough to be wife material. When I don’t die, give up, or fall off a ski lift, he decides that maybe I’m kind of awesome. Also the year we start attending weddings together.

The year of Joe’s BIG HAIR. Also the year I got a promotion from girlfriend to fiancee.

I graduate from the U. Joe cuts his big hair. We party slightly more.

MEXICO! Classy engagement photos. More weddings. And other such opportunities to dress up.


We I do a lot of wedding planning. We get married. And then I catch a baby.

 We have one last hurrah in Las Vegas. We add Miss Cecelia to our wolf pack. We buy a house. We appear as though we are grown-ups. Kind of.


I think we’re enjoying ourselves.
Happy Anniversary to my hubs! I love you so very much. Thank you for being my lobster.