Happy 24th Birthday, Robbyn Bianca!

Today my little sister turns 24. Time does fly. I remember her turning 4 and getting her first real bike. (It was a good day for me too, because it meant I didn’t have to share mine anymore. That sharing business is hard!) Love you very much and I wish we weren’t so far away.
Having a sister is kind of the best. If I had more time before Cece wakes up from her nap, I would make some sort of list like “24 reasons why Robbyn is awesome and so is sisterhood.” But I do not have that long.
Anyways, Robo, I love you! I love your steadfast loyalty, your amazing art, your outrageous sense of humor, and your enviable sense of style. You were the best lady ever to make elaborate tents with, eat fried bologna with, tell all of my secrets to (even if you blabbed sometimes), and share the dearest parts of childhood with. Have a wonderful birthday, and I can’t wait to see you again!