June Happenings

The best parts of June:

With so much sunlight, we have been taking early morning family walks before Joe goes to work. We take along a coffee, plus Cece and the dogs, and it’s been a great way to start each day.

Cece entering the world of big-kid food. No more formula, no more bottles, and no more baby food (well, sometimes those Gerber Toddler meals). So, our meals have gotten a little healthier, a little messier, and definitely more entertaining.   

Starting our veggie garden. We know it may not yield much this year, but Joe and I (mostly Joe) built those beds and shoveled the dirt in with enthusiasm. It’s so satisfying to do manual labor with your significant other. And the construction all got done in ONE day. Joe said “Rome was not built in one day… but Rome did not have JOE.”

And of course, celebrating Father’s Day! Much love to my Dad whom I hope to see soon. To celebrate, we made Joe a pancake breakfast and gave him a few gifts, including an ice cream cake. If you know Joe, you know how he feels about ice cream cake. (He looooooooves it.)

I’ve also attended a couple photography seminars, been Zumba-ing as much as I can, and went on a Madagascar 3 date with the hubby. I must say, life isn’t too shabby around these parts.