New baby, new puppies, and a new grad!

 My little sister-in-law Rachel just graduated high school and is now U of M bound. So, we made a jaunt up to St. Cloud this weekend to eat all of the cake and take third helpings in the buffet line celebrate the occasion with her. (I swear, Cece does eat food other than cake!) It was some good quality in-law time and we also got to catch up with extended family whom we don’t see very often.
 We also got to meet the new furry family additions. (Sapphire, the all-black dog is Danielle’s. The black and white puppy is Sadie who belongs to Rachel.) Sigh. It was all I could do to not stick Sapphire in my purse and tote her home with me. Since we obviously need three dogs. And side note, who else thinks Cece and Auntie Danielle have a seriously good shot at passing for mother and daughter? Crazy!

Best of all, at 29 hours old, Blake Michael Roering joined us at the party. What a trooper- and what a handsome guy! Many congrats to my sister-in-law Angela, her husband Troy, and big sisters Abigail and Samantha. Your family is just way too dang cute.  I am 90 percent happy for you and only 10 percent jealous. (Just kidding, I really am 100 percent happy for you guys : )