Me, good job?

Yesterday I had to bring Janice (that’s our minivan) to the dealership as there was a airbag recall issue that had to be resolved.  I was a little worried about how Miss 14-month-old and I were going to do in the waiting room for at least an hour.

Um, we did fabulously. The movie Up was on, so she enjoyed saying “woof, woof!” with the dogs. We snacked on goldfish crackers. We played with the waiting room toys and the toys we brought with. She greeted the rest of the customers, but mostly entertained herself in the play area. What seemed like a tedious errand ended up being a pretty fun time.  Another customer waiting couldn’t stop complimenting us on how cute C is, how well behaved, etc. She even said I was doing such a good job with her. Doesn’t sound like a big deal except that I must admit that on most days I feel like I am running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off and 

 But I must also admit that I am having a great time. I learn just a little more every day. And I still find it surreal after all this time that I am her mom. And she’s mine. How did I get so lucky? Yes, I am off to scrape Cheerios off the floor and to try to locate the contents of my cosmetic bag that she emptied out… somewhere. I reiterate, how did I get so lucky?