371 Diner

While staying up north over the holiday, Joe and I were shooed out to go on a date while grandma and grandpa stayed with Cece.

We hit up the 371 Diner in Baxter with the intention of only getting ice cream. We ended up splitting a shake and then splitting a breakfast skillet per Joe’s request (even though we were about to have supper in about an hour). It was so adorably 1950s and so Back to the Future-esque. I kept expecting Biff to walk through the door shouting “MCFLY!” It was refreshing to have some alone time (of course, all we talked about was Cece and how she would have gone bonkers over the milkshake we were having.)
Being the eating champions that we are, we polished off the whole skillet and proceeded to have second dinner when we got back to the cabin. Do we know how to eat or what?