Rainbow Ridge Farms

This week, we city/suburb ladies (meaning myself, Cece, my mom, and my Aunt Gina) met in Onalaska Wisconsin to stay at a bed and breakfast located on a farm. Mom and Aunt Gina are quite possibly the biggest animal lovers I know. If something furry needs a home, it always winds up at one of their houses. Thus, I think they were in heaven the past couple days.

Did I hike up a hill just to belt out “The hiiiiiiiiiiills are alive with the sound of music!”? Maybe.
We had just a wonderful time. Having only two dogs, it was quite a novelty for me to see so many different animals (chickens, ducks, turkeys, llamas, goats, cats, dogs, sheep, pigs, and more) living harmoniously together. It was also such a sweet sight to see what a big animal lover Cece is. We never opened the bag of toys I brought for her. She completely wore herself out by running around the farm, greeting animals, feeding and petting cats, etc. Personally, I found it peaceful and cathartic to spend a couple days abstaining from technology spending time with family. Even if a goat did try to snack on my hat.