Happy First Birthday, Trinity!

This weekend was a busy one. We got to spend Saturday with Miss Trinity, an extremely lovely little lady, celebrating her first birthday. And, yes. Those cupcakes tasted just as delicious as they looked. And Trinity is even cuter in person.
On Saturday night, I reunited with my hockey cheer ladies to bid farewell to Miss Monica who is off to Nicaragua to teach for two years. I’ve missed those ladies dearly, but oh goodness, I know I’m getting older when I feel like my comfort zone is in flip flops at a first birthday party rather than in heels downtown!
Sunday was a glorious day of grilling with a great friend and catching up on some TV in the evening with ice cream.
Lastly (on a not-so-glass-half-full note), I lost my cell phone while grocery shopping on Saturday morning. And the ridiculous part was that I was only out to get about four items. Yet, I left home with a phone and returned without one. These are sad times in our house right now. It’s one thing to be cut off from technology, but it’s another when you didn’t volunteer to do so! Then, when my car keys were missing this Monday morning (oddly enough, in Joe’s gym bag), I got a little bit twitchy.
All in all, life is still good. Lots on the to do list, including trying to stay cool during this heat wave. And acquire a new phone. DOH!