Hot Hot Heat

This past week…
I DO IT MYSELF! corn on the cob

Tomatoes growing in our garden

One of C’s favorite reads

Tonight’s dinner… ummmmmm

Cece and Joe flaunting checking their cell phones on our walk
Some really big (yet, thirsty) sunflowers near our house

And, of course, Cece walking the dogs

Not that anyone needs informing, but it has been SO DANG HOT for about three weeks now. I don’t remember what temperatures below 90 degrees feel like anymore. I’ll need a jacket for them I’m sure. Above are a few shots from our life during the past week.

I’m happy to report that life goes on without a cell phone. Although it’s a weird life that’s instagram-less, text message-less, and quite a bit more quiet. My right hand often feels weirdly empty and I keep second guessing the date and time. Anyways, I’ve been managing to distract myself by catching up on a lot of overdue projects around the house. This has included boxing and labeling Cece’s outgrown clothes, cleaning and organizing various closets, getting our paperwork filed, etc. Not what I would call joyous. But necessary.

Cece has been utilizing her new found use of sign language. She has figured out how to sign “more” and then point at the box of Lucky Charms above the refrigerator. She has definitely been reaping the benefits of her new communication skills.

Here’s to a good weekend and maybe even a cool down in the weather. Maybe.