I’m 26 already? I’m pretty sure that’s what people consider their upper twenties. That seemed to happen awfully fast.

I had a low-key, yet lovely day. And it was very food-centric, which was perfect. Joe made me banana pancakes, eggs, bacon, and coffee before he left for work this morning, even though he doesn’t even like banana pancakes. C and I mostly stayed around the house, but she was in a great mood all day. When Joe got home he took me (and C) on a date to Chino Latino, which I cannot believe I’ve never been to before. Street food from the hot zones agrees with me. Everything was spicy and delicious. I was in my element. (We made sure C ate dinner before we left and we let her munch on plantain chips.) The evening ended with a walk around the neighborhood in this delightfully cooler weather.


I also just want to say that this past year of being 25 has been so very special to me. I got to spend almost the entire year devoting myself to Cece and further figuring out this mom business (which is messy and tiring and wonderful). When I wasn’t up to my neck in dirty laundry, I had a great opportunity to discover and develop my budding passions for cooking, photography, Zumba, and blogging. It was a great year to slow down, exhale, and take in how much I have to be thankful for. I’m finding that 26 is a good place to be and I’m excited for what it’ll bring.

Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes!