Minnesota State Fair!

Pardon the lack of posting this week. My mom has been visiting and we’ve been busy doing a lot of important stuff (like eating and shopping). This week we also attended the MINNESOTA STATE FAIR!!! My mom and I took Cece there on opening day. Holy Hannah, that was an enormous crowd. Still, it was a successful day. C went on her first carousel ride. My mom and I found the pet center, but unfortunately, C fell asleep during it so she didn’t get to see the puppies. But she loved the parade and she loved dancing around whenever she heard music (and whenever we were OK with letting her out of the stroller and not fearful that she would be swallowed up by the crowd). And she loved those mini doughnuts that taste and smell just heavenly. Do attend the fair if you have a chance! There is such an overwhelming amount to see, do, and eat. These photos really don’t do the magnitude of the fair justice.
My mom is leaving soon, even though I keep hiding her stuff so she won’t pack up and leave. Cece and I (and the dogs) have been so spoiled this week with the extra love and attention. So, just one more time, MOM, DON’T GO YET!