A new book every month


We have a substantial children’s library in our home, which I am thrilled about. Most of the books we’ve acquired are from my mom. She saved all the books from when my sister, brother, and I were young and she promptly shipped them up to me in two large totes before Cece was born. We have toddler board books, The Berernstain Bears, Little Critter, Dr. Suess, Sesame Street, Disney, and much much more.

Thus, Cece and I read everyday, multiple books a day. She is at a stage where sometimes she’ll get attached to one book and she’ll have me read it to her over and over (AND OVER) again. It’s kind of our thing. (Well, and so is napping.)

Also, by registering with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, we are shipped one new book a month. I love the variety of books we have received so far, and so has Cece.  Above are just some of the books sent to us. A few books are a little long for her short attention span, but I think she’ll enjoy them even more when she gets bigger.

I stand by that Cece can be whatever she likes when she gets older, but I must admit, I secretly hope that I am raising a bookworm.