Back to School

(Image via Humans of New York)

We have some news around these parts. Someone pretty special to me had their first day of school yesterday. After much deliberation, Joe has enrolled in fire school while still working full-time (or rather, more than full-time. What is it called when you work seven days a week while taking night classes?)

I didn’t want to mention anything earlier than this, just in case minds got changed or it didn’t work out.

It looks like he will be taking classes for the next year and should be eligible to apply for fire departments in the Twin Cities at that time.  We understand that there are no guarantees when it finally comes to job-searching time. But, if it all comes together, it will definitely be a lifestyle change for us, but one that we are excited for. And last I checked, furthering your education is always a good thing.

No matter how things shake out, Joe is already our hero. He works so hard, literally everyday, so Cece and I can live our rock star lifestyle. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

p.s. I encourage you to click on the above link. It’s such a terrific photo project!