Last bits of summer

The unofficial end of summer was a bit dramatic over here. We visited the cabin over Labor Day weekend. As always, I loved seeing everyone. But we also had to visit urgent care since Cece was not sleeping, not eating, and she clearly had mouth pain. Alas, the doc said it was HFMD- which, for the record, is just awful.
She’s been feeling much better since the weekend. However, this week she was also due for her wellness check and she got four vaccines. Cece was SO MAD and I don’t blame her.  Luckily, we aren’t due back for a wellness check until December.
In other news, above are the last little bits of summer, or so says the camera. (No photos of hand, foot and mouth disease though!)
1.) BLT salad with chicken 2.) Joe, Cece, and our new jogging stroller 3.) Hibiscus- the last beautiful bloom in our yard 4.) Cece with her cousins at the cabin 5.) Funfetti cupcakes 6.) A rare moment of calm and quiet with the little one  7.) Homemade bruschetta with our garden tomatoes