Messy Mondays

I’m running out of ways to keep Miss Super Active Toddler entertained. (ALL SHE WANTS TO DO IS CLIMB ON FURNITURE.) I thought that finger painting this morning might do the trick, especially since she really gets a kick out of “painting” with her food. No such luck. She was amused for about five minutes and then was totally done. Oh well. The playground it will be later today. Activity suggestions, anyone?

Anyways, hope you had a great weekend! I had a lovely weekend myself. Emily and I got pedicures and Pizza Luce on Saturday while our husbands watched the babies for us. It had been since before we were mamas that we had a true lady date.  Of course, all we did was talk about Cece and Penny, but what a great evening!

On Sunday Joe and I watched the Vikings game and then headed over to Bill and Heather’s to grill. (Bill is Joe’s cousin.) I loved watching Cece and Ellie together. Ellie is eight months older than Cece, but those little ladies played quite nicely. Thanks for sharing all of those fantastic toys and for having us over!

That’s all the happenings around here for now. Here’s to a great week. And enjoy that wonderful cool fall weather!