I know. You’re thinking “My, what an interesting neighborhood Joe and Rachel live in…”
Behold, our first time ever at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival! Having no idea what to expect, we arrived three hours before closing, but squeezed in a lot of fun during that time. So many sassy costumed people, so much food, and plenty of hilarous-ness.
Cece went on her first pony ride (such a proud mom moment for some reason!). We also found the new mermaid cove. I was definitely way more excited than Joe and Cece. As a kid, my three obsessions were the Wizard of Oz, dinosaurs, and mermaids. Seeing “live” mermaids was a BIG deal for me.
Pardon the less-than-stellar camera work. I literally took photos with one hand while I gnawed on a giant turkey leg with my other hand. And yes, I climbed the castle wall in a dress. Am I a lady or what? Speak of the wall-climbing, I could watch Joe do that all day. Yep… that would be OK with me.
The only thing we missed was the live jousting. We left exhausted and covered in dust and dirt, but excitedly planning our visit for next year. Minnesota friends, there is one more weekend left to check it out!