Oh hey, Chicago!

Cece and I just returned from a three-day trip to Chicago (with a lovely lay-over in Madison, of course). After spending more than eight hours in a car with a toddler by myself, I can’t quite find the energy to post ALL the photos from the weekend, so this might have to happen in a few parts. (By the way, Cece was a rock star on the ride to and from Chicago.)
I do feel that I want to at least sum up the trip in a few words. I would describe it as much-needed time spent with several lovely ladies, including my sister and mom. I got chance to see my grandmas. I also got chance to discover some really awful (yet FANTASTIC) reality TV with Robbyn and Rose.
The food experience was nothing short of epic (pizza, sloppy joes, hot dogs, pizza, potato chips, potato salad, pasta salad, Chinese, farina, pizza… Not all at the same time though.) It’s  really another blog post itself. And Cece practically got a standing ovation for just about every single thing she did. Now, what to do with a toddler with a seriously over-inflated ego? (Haha, jk.)
Above are some bits and pieces from around my parents’ house. It tends to be a little chaotic there, but it’s always filled with people including my siblings and our friends which I can’t help but love.
 It’s always so hard to leave. In some ways, I feel like I always fit right back in. At other times, I feel like so much has changed and that “home” feels divided between two states and two sets of people. Sigh. I could use a few hundred less miles between us! More to come soon.

1.) A squeaky-clean and so-not-ready for bed baby 2.) Cece’s first cake pop 3.) Auntie Robo! 4.) The Dolczaks and my daughter 5.) Little bro getting ready for his homecoming dance 6.) Me further embarassing little bro by going paparazzi on him and his date
7.) The sibling photo plus a Cece 8.) Jay and Robo <3 9.) Mom-made Farina for breakfast  10.) Bro-made eggs hashbrowns and bacon 11.) An ever-so-proud grandpa