Apples and So Forth

Our weekend was fairly quiet, yet quite special, since Joe didn’t have to work very much and we got a chance to really spend a lot of family time together doing mundane, yet fun things. (Dog park, grocery shopping, making dinner, watching football, going on walks, entertaining our C Monster, etc.)

We also hung out a bit with the Knudsons doing apple-related things at the apple farm.  We also did non-apple-related things, such as visiting goats, feeding kettle corn to goats, and pushing around tiny John Deere tractors with the tiny children. 
We didn’t purchase a whole lot. Besides the fine kettle corn, I got a tipsy pie. I also brought home a jar of honey crisp apple salsa which I can’t wait to crack open and shamelessly eat the whole thing in one sitting. We weren’t sure the kids would be able to sit still for a whole hay ride, so we’ll leave that for next year.

I’m certainly trying to treasure these fall weekends where we can still comfortably do activities outside. Have a great Monday, everyone!

p.s. I’m realizing that this blog has more photos of Cece feeding and petting goats than I ever anticipated. Hm, what to make of that?