Pumpkin Party

Yesterday a few of my sis-in-laws and I attended a little Halloween party hosted by grandma. To be clear, this meant five adults, yes. It also meant that the other six attendees were four years old or younger. We carved princess pumpkins, got the kids in costume for a good 10 minutes for pictures, watched a Tinkerbell movie, got the babies to nap, contemplated taking naps ourselves, snuggled the new babies, and chased around the older babies. My highlight of the day was when Cece proved what a free spirit she is by undiapering herself and mooning us in her Dorothy costume.
Needless to say, the day was eventful without ever leaving grandma’s. We ended the evening with a little pizza party, which is the perfect end to any day in my book. Cece was so pumped up after we left that she chatted the whole way home from St. Cloud and then stayed up until 9 (even though she usually goes to bed at 7).
It’s pretty excellent that C has adorable and sweet cousins and such fun and fabulous aunties. Thanks again for a fantastic day!