A Few Words of Thanks

Since I may not post on Thanksgiving day, I just wanted to make a little mention of the things I am so very thankful for this year:

I am thankful for my handsome husband. He still gives me a hug and a kiss every day he comes home from work. He cracks me up on a daily basis, and still gives me butterflies in my stomach after almost eight years of being together. He’s my person.
I am thankful for my wickedly awesome daughter who provides endless entertainment and melts my heart when she calls me “Mommy.”
I am thankful for our loving and supportive families and friends. Even though some are far away, I’ve become extra grateful for the times we can be together. I am thankful for our tiny little home that is somehow already filled to the brim with toys, photos, and great memories.

(Oh, and I’m also thankful for wine and cheese, the fact that I can “work” in my pajamas if I want to, and the ridiculously adorable way Cece says “thank you!”) 

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

(And if nothing else, I hope you do not have to work!)

(Collage made with pic collage on my Iphone.)