Bathroom Facelift


Before & After

One of the things on our seemingly endless to-do list was to update our bathroom. We may not be the trendiest of folks, but we didn’t feel that sponge-painted walls and a dinged-up vanity with a broken drawer was very representative of us. Or very classy.
So last weekend, something sparked and Joe ripped out the vanity. And there was no going back. Over this past week, we continued to repaint, replace and rearrange various elements.
We’re not entirely done yet. It would be nice to get a new towel rack, a clock, and maybe a decorative art print or two. But we are both pleased with how improved it is already. So, if you happen to swing by and need to use the restroom, I will no longer cringe in embarrassment.
P.S. I assembled that storage unit. ALL. BY. MYSELF. And it hasn’t even collapsed yet.

Sorry, had to add one more photo. I’m obsessed. It’s just that it’s my new favorite room in the house now!